Moran's own words describe the underlying belief and process she uses when either writing or performing. “Every experience we have, we learn something from, and I definitely get a lot of my lyrics and my thoughts from feelings that I have, so it all comes from a true place."

Kate Moran's music ranges from pop/rock and a little funk with a bit of soul to round out the sound! Her first CD, "On the Avenue," produced by Paul Ottinger (Virginia Coalition), is a collection of songs that they co-wrote. "Songs on the album, titled "On the Avenue," reflect Moran’s experience growing up in Del Ray. Moran said she experienced Mount Vernon Avenue blossom over the years from a quiet suburban outpost into a thriving regional hot spot, known to some as Old Town’s quirky sibling," according to Michael Pope, staff writer for the Alexandria Gazette Packet.

Beginning with a bang, some violin, and a little organ, "All I Ever Wanted," moves into the funky beats and piano keys of "Keeping me Awake." The crushingly sweet, "I Dreamed," walks you down the avenue and then rocks you back into the country with the simple band sound of, "Where I'm Going." Where the EP ends, is in the emotionally charged and soulfully explored sounds that remind us that we all can and will, "Carry On."

In January 2012, Kate released, "Fight," a full band recording, produced by Jarrett Nicolay. The proceeds of "Fight", released as a single, will be donated to the Team Kass Foundation. The song was inspired by a friend who was battling cancer, Kate wrote "Fight" to help motivate her through the cancer treatments and the fight she was facing. Kass was a daughter, mother, sister, and an amazing light, and she is missed. Kate believes whatever you may be facing today, we all have one more fight! In July 2013, the band followed up this single with its first Official Music Video directed by Dave Farah, shot locally in Alexandria, at CrossFit OldTown as well as the Del Ray Music Festival, and can be found on YouTube.

Kate has been performing from an early age and practically danced and sang her way out into the world. She formed the Kate Moran Band in 2006 and has performed locally both as a duo, trio and with the full five person band, most notably at the Del Ray Music Festival which she co-founded in 2007.

The Del Ray Music Festival is a community festival to support local music education as well as highlight the musicians who live in and around Del Ray, a suburb of Washington, D.C. In her daytime life, Kate works at the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, and has worked in this field for over 15 years. She utilized music in her classroom instruction and found it to be an extremely useful tool in working with any type of student.

Kate also recently began working on a kids band, Rainbow Rock! The band began in June 2012, when she and fiddle player, Lynn Rovelli came together as the Rainbow Lady and Princess Fiddlesticks, during Del Ray Music Week to perform at Bellies and Babies. They followed that show up with a few shows in the neighborhood and in January 2013 began their monthly residency at St. Elmo's Coffee Shop. The Rainbow Rock band has grown to include Captain Toe Tappin (Kevin de Souza), Sgt. Bam Bam (BJ Kerwin), Bassious Berry (Matt Berry), Prince Pop & Walk (Ryan Walker), and PattyCake Patty (Patty Moran). Typically the band performs as a duo with PattyCake Patty running the fun for Rainbow Rockers with instruments and more! The band in just a short time, has grown and they are getting ready to record their first EP! So we have to ask, Are you ready to rock the rainbow?

Kate holds a BA in Theater from the Catholic University of America, a Master's in Teaching Special Education from the University of Virginia, and has a Doctorate from George Mason University in Special Education Leadership.

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